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Ciri had been on the path for coming up on two years now. She didn't keep track of time much. She didn't have a need to. Traveling alone tended to get lonely. Geralt told her this when she made her decision to become a witcher. Ciri knew that the rest of them managed the loneliness just fine. Or they pretended to at least. Two witchers that she knew cured their loneliness by finding themselves a sorceress. Geralt had Yen and Lambert had Keira, the first pairing made sense. As for the second one, that's a different story. But many people believe that opposites attract and that appeared to be the case. Ciri had even heard rumors that the court adviser to King Tancred Thyssen of Kovir had been spending time with a brunette witcher with a ghastly scar on his face. She really hoped that it was true. She'd decided to "accidentally" travel through Kovir to see if it was true for herself. But for now she was in Novigrad. In Novigrad and lonely. Very lonely.

There was one lesson Geralt didn't teach Ciri, how to cure her loneliness. When he wasn't with Yen, he did this in a way that he thought wouldn't appeal to Ciri. He thought. Ciri had made up her mind. She was going to find a remedy for her loneliness by accompanying a beautiful young woman. By accompanying a beautiful young woman into bed.

Geralt and Ciri traveled together for over a year. He taught her everything that he knew. But when they weren't training, they would share stories of their many adventures. Ciri remembered one story that she was told about a gwent tournament that took place inside a very high class brothel with a very kind madame. She loved this story. A gwent tournament that turned into a heist. How exciting. Geralt "forgot" to tell her the bit where he slept with the Nilfgaardian spy but that part didn't matter much anyway. The story isn't what she cared for at this moment though. She only cared about the brothel where this tournament took place. The Passiflora, she remembered the name but could not remember the location. However, she did remember that it was near Temple Isle but she had not a clue how to get there. Ciri didn't have a map of the city but she was in luck. When Nilfgaard took control of Novigrad, they decided to do something nice for travelers. They put up maps of the city at various points in the vast urban jungle that was Novigrad. Who would have thought that Nilfgaard would help Ciri in the end after all.

She checked the map of the city located in the former "Hierarch Square" now renamed to "Riannon Square" in honor of one of Ciri's ancestors. Emhyr certainly didn't want people to forget the family that he came from. She decided to check out the local notice board there as well and picked up a contract that read "DROWNERS IN THE SEWERS!" The guard the posted it said on the sheet to visit him at the market near the Tretegor Bridge anytime during the day. It was now late at night so she had a night before she would contact the man about taking care of the drowners.

The green eyed, ashen-haired witcheress traveled north through the city hidden under the veil of her light tan hood. It was hard to look inconspicuous with a wolf medallion around her neck and two swords on her back. Both swords at thirty-eight and a half inches long and 40 ounces were impossible to conceal. She didn't care if people saw that she was a witcher, she just didn't want the guardsman who patrolled vehemently at night to see her face. An ashen-haired witcheress traveling alive and well was sure to raise a few questions. She was supposed to be dead after all. An intelligent guardsman seeing her could mean him reporting his sighting to a higher ranking officer. And higher ranking officers report to Emhyr. Ciri highly doubted that Emhyr was gullible enough to fall for such a lie as "Ciri is dead." Geralt was never the best liar after all. But that being said, Ciri didn't know what Emhyr would do if he found out that she was alive and well in the city that he now called home. The former Temple of the Church of the Eternal Fire was now the Royal Palace of Nilfgaard and home to the Emperor. According to information she had acquired throughout her travels, Emhyr was being a kinder ruler than before. He had killed all those who conspired against him but then decided to do some good. Maybe Geralt had slapped some sense and some reality into him when he went to speak with him last. "You weren't a good father to her." That sentence possibly made a gear in Emhyr's head click into place. Maybe, just maybe, Emhyr would try to be to his people what he couldn't be to Ciri.

Ciri threw these thoughts out of her head quickly and focused on remembering the route to The Passiflora. She didn't need anymore stress in her life. Just as she was closing in on the brothel she was interrupted by a scream. Two screams. One of a man and the other of a woman.

"HELP" screamed the man then the woman.

Ciri instantly went running off in the direction of the screams. The guardsman in Novigrad were now helpful but in their heavy armor, the people in need could be dead by the time they arrive, so Ciri took matters into her own hand. Helping people was her career after all. She didn't like using her powers in urban areas but time was of the essence. She dashed down the street at inhuman speeds, a bright glowing lime-green light behind her.

"What the fuck was that?" a guardsman shouted

"Fuck if I know." the other guardsman quickly snarked back.

"You're fucking useless."

"True. But whatever it was, it looks like they are heading to help those screaming damsels down there."

"Ay, let's get drunk."

"After duty you damn dimwit. Is everyone from Metinna an idiot?"

"No, but everyone in Metinna can kick some arse."

Ciri came upon the alley where the screaming was coming from. She saw the man and the woman huddled up on the ground up against a wall. "Please sirs, we haven't anything cept' but the clothes on our backs." Ciri could sense the thick Nilfgaardian accent coming from the man. "The fuck you don't, all you damn Nilfs have coin and lots of it." This thug had a thick Redanian accent to him. Ciri realized that the Redanians that inhabited Novigrad must not have taken too kindly to loads of Nilfgaardians moving into their city. Most Redanians had adjusted just fine but these thugs clearly hadn't. Or they had but they needed an excuse to rob these people.

"There a problem here?" Ciri's voice was stern and fierce. Geralt and Yennefer had taught her how to speak with great confidence and ferocity.

"Ay, looky here bitch, this ain't none of your fucking concern. Now get lost."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Ay, we got a fucking comedian here." shouted another thug. "Forget these damn Nilfs, imma have some fun with this pretty little one here instead." said another thug.There was three in total. All fat and with a steel plate on their chests that looked like a beer belly. They certainly had one of those under the chest plate as well.

"Comedian? Wow, you are stupid. How many comedians have you seen that can do this?" As the last word escaped her mouth, she drew her sword.

"You wha?" the man was cut off by a lighting fast dash of green light hurling towards him. Before the fat man could react he was dead. The steel sword speared straight through the steel plate and impaled the heart of the fat thug. Ciri lifted her leg and kicked the man she stabbed in the gut and pushed off, pulling her sword out in the process. His corpse fell straight back. The other two thugs were frozen still. Ciri abilities had worked as a northern wind bomb in a sense. Her abilities shocked the life out of most people when they saw them. She didn't give them a chance to come to their sense. Ciri spun and slashed at the men, slicing straight through the man on the right and into the man on the left, knocking him over. One stab and one slash of her sword. Two men dead. The third man lay on the ground with his neck partially higher than the rest of his body. His right arm gripping his left shoulder. He was able to get out a few words in between his heavy breaths trying to stay alive.

"Ple- please, just leave me alone. I- I'm sorry."

"Why would I leave you alone? You said you were gonna have some fun with me and now you want me to leave you alone?" She couldn't help but want to laugh. When will they learn, she thought to herself.

"Please, I'm beggin' you."

"No!" Ciri interrupted. "You were gonna harm them and I. I've met plenty like you. You never learn you're lesson."

"No, ple-." He wasn't able to finish his sentence as her blade pierced his cheap plate armor going straight through into his heart. Ciri had to do it. Some bad people deserve a second chance. But when you cross a witcher, you don't get a second chance.

Ciri turned towards the man and the woman who had now risen to their feet. They looked relieved but scared all the same.

"Sorry." Ciri said, she knew watching a witcher kill could be as thrilling as it was terrifying. "I acted on an impulse."

"Th- thank you, master. You saved our lives."

Ciri nodded her head to acknowledge the thank you. "What did they want from you?"

"Coin. They always want coin."

"This happened to you before!?" Ciri said astonished.

"Not to us." the woman spoke up for the first time. "To other Nilfgaardians that moved here to Novigrad. Most of the cities residents have accepted us and welcomed us but some don't. And those that don't have made their presence known."

"Oh, well stay safe, probably shouldn't stay out too late at night in these parts." Ciri said and turned her back to walk out of the alley.

"Wait!" the man shouted. "You saved us, is there anyway we can thank you?"

Ciri was getting a bit annoyed. Not at the man. Not at the woman. Not even at the three thugs that she had to kill. "Show me the way to Passiflora." Ciri was too stressed out to feel embarrassed. She had forgotten the route she tried to memorize. She was going to that brothel tonight by any means necessary.

"Um, uh yes." The mans awkwardness radiated off of him. He was clearly taken aback by this strange request and felt a bit strange by it. "Would you like to follow us there?"

"Yes, and don't ask why I'm going there either please."

The man nodded his hand and took the woman, knew Ciri amused was his wife or partner, in his hand. He exited the alley and headed back the way Ciri came. She followed for about ten minutes until coming upon an elegant and large brick and wooden building.

"Fucking finally" Ciri exclaimed loudly and passed the Nilfgaardians as she walked greedily towards the brothel.

Chapter 2: The Passiflora

A bouncer stood at the door. The man looked friendly enough even as he tried to keep a stern face. "Greetings madam" he said to Ciri as she approached.

"Hello" replied Ciri as she lowered her hood. She paid little attention to the man, walking straight past him and entering the brothel. She needed to relax as soon as possible. She was quite shocked that weaponry was allowed in the brothel. Inside of the brothel, there were numerous security guards. Some were workers making sure that no one got out of line and some were city guards looking to unwind after a day on the job. The building was surprisingly idle. There was a fair amount of people but not as many as Ciri expected. Maybe a new brothel has opened up, Ciri thought to herself. Without the overbearing presence of the Eternal Fire in the city, people were far more elated and relaxed. They were much more likely to visit a brothel now that they didn't have to worry about the Church's hypocritical iron fist coming down on them.

Ciri was instantly approached by the Madame of the Passiflora, Marquise Serenity.

"Greetings, miss." The madame hesitated for a second before continuing. "Excuse my impertinence but is that a genuine witcher wolf medallion around your neck?"

"Um, yes it is. Why"

"Are you a witcher?"

"No, I wear the medallion and the swords for fun." Ciri replied sarcastically. She couldn't help herself.

"Sorry, stupid question. But I believe I have met your father. Geralt of Rivia."

Ciri wasn't at all surprised that the madame had met Geralt. She was aware that Geralt had his fair share of run-ins with escorts during his time as a witcher. She was more surprised that the madame said Geralt was her father. Surely she knew that witcher's couldn't have children. But she had no problem with the comment none the less.

"Um, yes. Geralt of Rivia. Yes my father."

"Ah, like father like daughter." the madame said in her very seductive tone. Ciri was slightly turned on by it. Her seductive tone mixed with her accent had made Ciri tingly.

Ciri gave a faint smile then began to look around waiting for the madame to speak again.

So, I assume you're here for the same reasons he was, dear?

"Yes, I am. Though there doesn't appear to be a Gwent tournament here today." As much as Ciri wanted to cut the small talk and find herself a lady to spend the night with she couldn't help herself. She loved sarcasm. She was Yennefer's daughter after all.

"Hmm, did Geralt say that he only came in here for gwent? Ah, either way. I think I know why you're here. Most of the ladies and through that door. Can I get you a drink?"

"A glass of Beauclair White would be nice."

"Sure dear." The madame turned and walked towards a bar and waved her hand for Ciri to follow.
"Get this young lady a glass of Beauclair White, Jonesy dear." the madame said to the bartender.

"Yes, coming right up, and please stop calling me Jonesy madame."

"How much do I owe you?" Ciri asked politely.

"Not a copper, dear. First drink is free. Besides you're father has given us quite enough coin in the past. Should cover your tab for a while.

"Thank you." Ciri replied kindly taking the glass of wine. "Please enjoy your stay." And with that the madame walked away back to greet other patrons.

Ciri headed through the door leading to a large room with fancy furniture that spanned from tables to couches to booths. It was a bit too fancy for Ciri's taste but she wasn't there to enjoy the furniture. She was there to enjoy the woman. But of course, as this night would entail, she was interrupted. This time not by screams from civilians. This time not by a bouncer or a madame. But by a dwarf. A very familiar sounding dwarf. "Oh no, not now, not tonight" Ciri thought to herself. It was Zoltan. In the same brothel. At the same time.

"Ciri!' Zoltan said in his familiar cheer filled voice. "What're doing here?"

"Oh, you know just having a drink." She said this cheekily, slightly blushing.

"Ah, I see. Well then" Zoltan looked down and slightly to the left while scratching behind his head. "How've you been?"

"Fine" Ciri replied quickly to try and avoid getting into a conversation here and now. Anytime else, she would love to sit down and have a chat with Zoltan but not here, not now.

"What're you drin- she interrupted him.

"Would you mind not telling Geralt about this? I'd rather him not now about my being here." She quickly retorted.

"Ah, of course, not his business, not my business. Um well..."

"Well, be sein' you, Zoltan." Ciri said. She then quickly turned slightly to the left and walked towards a beautiful young lady dressed in black lingerie. She had short brown hair that looked like Fringilla Vigo's just with a different color. Ciri no longer had time for subtlety.

"How much for all night?" Ciri quickly asked the female escort. Zoltan watched Ciri approach her and was a bit shocked. He had noticed the way Ciri looked at some woman but chalked it up just as one female admiring another female. He didn't know that Ciri was a lesbian, or at least bisexual. But this had no matter to Zoltan. He shrugged his shoulders, turned around, and headed out of the room.

"350 crowns."

"Deal." Ciri quickly said, grabbing the woman's hand and quickly hurrying in the way that the escort led her. 350 crowns was pricey but the contract Ciri had picked up was sure to pay enough to cover Ciri's much needed relaxation tonight.

Ciri pushed open the door to the room, locked the door, picked up her escort and moved the both of them over to the bed.

"Wow, somebody is excited."

"Shut up and make love to me." Ciri said as she threw herself on the woman, pushing her over onto the bed.

"Don't you even want to know my name know so you have something to scream tonight?"

"Yes, yes what is it already!"

A Dwarf and A Witcheress Walk Into a Brothel...
Ciri has been on the path for some time now. She is a full fledged Witcher. She takes Witcher potions, wears a Witcher medallion, carries a steel and silver sword on her back. The only part of being a Witcher she hasn't done yet is the whoring. Well she has finally decided to do the last part but is constantly being interrupted.

I wrote this story back in August 2016 but decided now to cross-post it here. I hope you all enjoy! If so, feedback is very appreciated. Thank you all for reading! :)

Tumblr: WitcherIsLoveWitcherIsLife


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The sewers of Oxenfurt were hard to trek through. Mucky water filled the cracks between the cobblestone floor. Drowners and a few water hags had made their nests here as well. And he found the body of what he called a “Tomb Raider” too. But Geralt had bigger problems to worry about and he had faced worse sewers. At least this one didn’t seem to have a zeugl and the water wasn’t knee deep. Or was it waste deep? He was getting old, couldn’t even remember the details to his favorite story anymore.

Yen insisted that this was the only way into the prison that didn’t involve a straight on fight with all the guards. Geralt didn’t tell her but frankly he planned on killing all the witch hunters that ran the prison anyways. They were not to be left alive. People like them did not deserve to live.

Eventually he came upon a long corridor. It slanted upwards and had water pouring down from it. But the Witcher could sense that he was close. He could hear the faint mutterings of some men that likely were guarding the prison. He walked up the slanted corridor and jumped up on a ledge that led into a slightly lit room. The room was filled with torture devices, chains hung from the ceiling, and blood coated the ground. Two witch hunters stood when they saw him, pulled their swords and ran towards him to attack. The Witcher was able to quickly lung his arm forward and hit the two with Aard, sending them flying backward. One flew to the ground and the other slammed into a stone post that supported the structure. He pulled out his steel sword even though the silver would suit these scum better. Geralt jumped over towards the downed witch hunter and lunged his sword into him in a downward thrust before the hunter could even stand up. The other hunter swung at Geralt from behind. Geralt sensed it and dodged to his left, the man’s swing missed and hit the table that sat against a wall. Geralt stabbed him through the back, killing him instantly. The Witcher sheathed his sword and searched the guards for a key to the door that stood on the opposite side of the room. He found the key and took the coin that the guards had as well.


Geralt proceeded through the door and headed into the next room. This was what he was looking for. The room was large with multiple rows and columns of cells. Each seemed to have at least one prisoner in it. Some had more, some only had dead prisoners. If the Witcher hadn’t already experienced so much death then he would have been sad, so much death, and likely all in this prison were innocent. He quickly found the sorceress that he came for, Rita was sitting crookedly in a cell that stood in the center of the room. Being distracted by the cells, Geralt almost missed the four Witch Hunters that were running at him. Similar to the room prior, he hit them all with Aard and made quick work of them with his sword. After they were dealt with he got back to the matter at hand.


“Who…Who’s that? Geralt? Gods, I’m hallucinating…”

“Getting you outta here.”

“No chance. We’ll both die in here.”

“Sile?” Geralt said and knelt down to Rita’s level.

“They captured her first. Her condition’s critical. It’s pointless… You’ll never open it without the key…The warden keeps them with him at all times. His room is upstairs.” Rita said realizing that if Geralt had come this far then he would not just stop and turn around.

“Be right back.” Weird. Throughout that conversation Geralt had the feeling that someone was watching them. Someone familiar. Obviously all the other prisoners were listening and watching to them. When they saw the Witcher dispatch of the guards they realized that they had a sliver of hope of seeing the sun again. However he felt as if there was someone who was watching and listening closer that the rest. Weird indeed.


Geralt headed upstairs like Rita told him. Geralt peeked through a crack in the floor while he stood on the staircase. At least two dozen Witch Hunters filled a courtyard. He knew this was possibly the riskiest fight of his life. But he knew he needed to take it. The Witch Hunters were a cancer to the world. A cancer that had infected anyone that wasn’t a male human. Geralt of Rivia wasn’t a hero, he was a professional but right now he needed to be that hero.

Stealth was never Geralt’s biggest fortay but he decided that was his best approach here. He unsheathed the dagger that he kept in his boot for emergencies. Geralt snuck up on two guards that stood in at the top of the staircase he was climbing. He used Axii on one and slit the others throat. The Axiied man, Geralt grabbed and turned around and plunged the dagger through his heart. Two down, two dozen more to go. Probably more. Geralt noticed a ladder to his left and climbed up, killing another guard at the top. He had a full view of the courtyard. The Witcher pulled out his crossbow, quickly whispered his thank you to Vesemir for the gift, and proceeded to take out all the hunters that were isolated. Bolts flew one by one. Killing at least a dozen of the guards that stood up on the walls surrounding the yard. The rest he would fight head on. Geralt slid down the later, unsheated his sword, and ran into the courtyard. He quickly did a spinning attack and took out the first guard. Multiple more ran at him and shouted insults as they did. The Witcher used Yrden on the ground to slow their movements and ducked. Two of the guards swung and missed and ended up killing each other. Intelligence, certainly not the hunters strong suits. Geralt spun his sword and he looked like a dancer in a ball, spinning in circles while swinging his sword. To the untrained eye it looked as if Geralt had gone insane but he knew exactly what he was doing. Six of the hunters were taken out in seconds. Geralt was far too quick, far too agile, and far too intelligent for them. Perhaps they should have spent less time harassing people and more time training and educating themselves. In under two minutes Geralt had killed all of the guards. One that he only wounded tried crawling away and begged for his life when Geralt stopped him, killing him instantly. Geralt was sick of killing. It was all he had done his entire life but this time it was a good cause. He didn’t necessarily feel good for it. He was sure that some of them had families but frankly so did he. And they were a danger to his family. And to every non-human.

Geralt headed back out of the courtyard and into the building that he assumed housed the warden. He climbed a small staircase that led into a nice bedroom. The warden was cowering in the corner when Geralt walked in.

“P-p-please master Witcher, let me go. What do you want? I’ve got coin, lots of it. Please, I’ll leave the city, leave the country, leave the Continent. I just don’t want to leave this world.”

Geralt pulled up a stool and sat about a foot away from the warden. “Tell me, do you have a family?”

“N-no sir, do you?”

“Yes. And you being in this world puts them in danger. It is personal.” Geralt stood unsheathed his sword and plunged it trough the warden. The warden cried as it happened. He reminded Geralt of Whorseson Junior. Men are always so tough when they are picking on smaller ones. Geralt looted the warden’s pockets and just like the hunters earlier, he found a key and some coin.


Before leaving the room, Geralt had a look around. He took a bite of some of the fruits that were on the table then took any coins or valuable trinkets and jewels he could find. As he went to leave, something caught his eye, sitting on the desk in the corner was a list of prisoners. He decided to give the list a glance. See who else was locked up in here.

Blaix de Villmon

Arthur de Vleester

Margarita Laux-Antille


Sile de Tansarville



But Geralt stopped and dropped the sheet in awe when he saw the final name on the list. Visenna.


After standing in shock for a moment, Geralt was able to jolt himself back to reality. He needed to focus. Rita was the prime objective. But the other prisoners needed to be free as well. But some of them were already dead? Was she still alive? He had to hurry. Get shoved the list into a pouch on his belt and sprinted down the multiple stairwells back into the cell room.

There were too many cells to check at the moment so he instead focused on Rita and Sile. They were both in critical conditions and he needed to save them if possible. He unlocked the cell door and pulled out the device Yennefer gave him to contact her, telling her that it was safe to enter.

“What are you doing?”

“Yen insisted on coming.”

A portal appeared and Yennefer stepped out, dressed in her undercover attire. Still not very discreet as she wore large heels to cover up her small stature.

“Rita!. Sile?! When I get my hands on the sons of bitches…” Geralt cut her off.

“They’re all dead already. All of them.”

“Yenna…I shan’t make it…”

“Hold on, you must hold on.” Yen let out a grunt as she pulled Sile up to a sitting posistion.

“I’m dying, Yenna. I’m a sorceress,let me die with dignity.” Yen glanced back over her shoulder to look slightly at Geralt.

“Yen. get Rita out of here.”

“Geralt…” This time Sile was the one to cut her off.

“Yenna, for once, don’t argue with him.” Yen stood up defeated and walked over to Rita and helped her stand.

“I can’t pass through the portal with you both. You’ll need to get out on your own.”

“Don’t like portals anyway. Go.” Yennefer led Rita through a portal leading them out to safety.

“Funny…there was a time I’d have asked you not to do this…”

“No, you’d never have asked. You’re too proud.” This gave Sile a slight smile. Geralt stood back up, unsheathed his sword and made it as least painful as possible. He was never close with Sile. She was an enemy at times. But he felt sorry for her. The horrors she must’ve seen in that prison.


Now onto his second task. Visenna and the other prisoners. Geralt walked to the far right corner of the room and cell by cell, he unlocked them. They all thanked him kindly and unlike many they all meant it. They gathered and stood at the door. Geralt told them to take the sewers because they were clear. He told them it led out to a river outside of Oxenfurt which it did.

“Where should we go, master Witcher?”

“Head to Novigrad, stick together, once you arrive find the Chameleon. Use the back door, tell them Geralt sent you. You’ll be safe there.” They nodded in agreement and left through the sewer tunnel like the Witcher told them to.

Geralt turned back around and walked to Sile’s body. He was going to give her a proper burial fitting of a sorceress. They weren’t friends but there was a mutual respect there and Yen surely had a past relationship with her. Burying her was the least he could do.

As he went to pick up the body he heard a faint voice from behind him. A woman’s voice. A voice he recognized. Not well but he recognized it.

“Geralt?” He turned and they locked eyes from across the room.


She approached him and took his face in her hands when close enough.

Without saying another word she pulled him into a hug. Not a hug that Dandelion or Zoltan would give him but one that Yen or Ciri would give him.

After multiple minutes of the embrace she pulled back and took his face back in her hands.

“I’m proud of you. You have become a wonderful man.” Geralt was silent.

Visenna removed her hand and stepped back.

“I-I’m sorry. you probably don’t want to speak to me.”

“Last I remember you were the one that didn’t want to speak to me.”

“It is not easy to speak to a son that you gave up. It was easier just to run.”

Geralt looked down and to the right, no longer being able to remain eye contact. “It all worked out. I’ve accepted it. Came to terms with it. My life has worked out. It took a century but daresay I’m happy. Got a family.”

“I know. I’ve heard the tales. I have books, so many books filled with your tales. Some by that bard. Some I wrote myself from the stories I’ve heard in my travels. The black haired woman that was here earlier. Is she your wife?”

“Close enough.” Geralt said a faint smile coming across his face at the thought of his Yennefer.”

“And the child. The child of prophecy. Is she alive? Is she with you?”

Geralt walked over and picked up Sile’s body and moved towards the sewer exit. “Come meet her. She is your granddaughter after all.”

“I don’t want to be a burden. It seems you are very busy nowadays.” Visenna replied nervously.

“I’ve waited a century to speak to you. I’m not going to have our final meeting take place in a prison. Come on. I need to bury her first.”

Visenna followed as he walked out. They walked silently until they got outside and Visenna marveled at the sun. Something so many take for granted. She was so grateful to see it again, she thought she would die without ever seeing it again. Geralt laid Sile’s body down on the ground and swam across the river to a small farm. He grabbed a shovel that was leaning against the wall and walked a minute down the river and dug a hole deep enough to fit her body in. He hoped that the other sorceresses would know of his duty. He thought it would go a long way with them. After she was properly buried, Geralt returned the shovel and swam back over to Visenna, she was sitting, enjoying an apple that had fallen from a tree near the river.

“That was kind of you, son.”

“It was the least I could do.”

“Was she a friend?”

Just like his last answer for her..”Close enough.”

They headed for a stable outside of the city where Geralt kept Roach. Still walking silently, neither knowing what to say. In a century of living, Geralt had only spoken to her once, for about two minutes. A mother was new to him. They reached the stables as the sun was coming up.

“Hello, Roach.” Visenna sad petting the horse.

“How did you..” she cut him off. “Every fan of yours knows the white wolf’s horse is named Roach.”

“Guess you do know the tales after all.”

Geralt helped his mother up onto the horse then climbed up himself. He tossed the stable hand a handful of coins as they sauntered out. Novigrad was their destination. What Geralt would do when they got there, he did not know. But he did know that his life was changing for the better. He had Yen. He had Ciri. Now he had his mother. He hoped these moments would last. And he hoped that Eredin and whoever else that stood in his way of a happy ending knew what was coming to them. He had a family. And whoever planned on taking that away from him was going to end up just like all the Witch Hunters in that prison.
Hundred Years an Orphan
Geralt breaks into Deireadh Prison to break out Margarita. But when he finds his mother, Visenna, his life will change forever.

Hey everybody! This is the third prompt I was given from Tumblr that turned into a full length one-shot story. The prompt was from wahhbajack and it was: "wait i have another prompt. Geralt meets Visenna again (just in case- Visenna is Geralt's mom). He can be sick or healthy. It's up to you. I love reading people write on this <3"

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope you all enjoy! :)

Tumblr: @WitcherIsLoveWitcherIsLife


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Their bedroom was cool and the air was crisp in the early morning. A nice soft breeze crept into the room through a crack in the windowsill. Geralt and Yennefer remained in bed together, their limbs entangled. Yen's head was tucked deeply into Geralt's neck and his arm wrapped around her tightly. Any attempt for her to leave him would be in vain. That did not matter however as she slept until late in the morning daily. Sometimes even until the afternoon. Retirement was nice in that regard. Never having to wake up early in the morning. Geralt was not in the same boat as her anymore. Beauclair University had an opening in the history department. Geralt saw the posting for the position on a notice board within the city. He was looking for Witcher contracts as he did on a bi-weekly basis. Monsters still needed slaying. They didn't retire along with the witcher. Yen wanted him to retire from his witcherly duties and Geralt supposed that he wanted to retire from it as well. He had too many reserves to do this however. What would he fill his time with? Surely Yen and him can't make love around the clock. Also, it was all he knew. It was what he had done since he was young. He was a century old and had been on the path for over eighty years. If not slaying monsters and protecting the innocent then what would he do?

His questions were answered however on a beautiful weekday in the city of Beauclair, Toussaint. Geralt had gone into town early that morning. He was planning to just take another contract. But something else struck his eye.

"Huh? What's this?" The Witcher whispered to himself, as he had a tendency to do.

The posting was for a position at the highly esteemed University of Beauclair. He was very surprised that they would be actively looking for someone to fill this position. Geralt would've assumed that they had dozens of professors lining up to fill the role. Perhaps the students were harsh and no one wanted to deal with them? Geralt didn't know why the position was available but he knew that he didn't want to pass up on the opportunity. He pulled the posting down and proceeded the University to accept the job.

Today was his first day on the job. Geralt had never done anything other than Witchering. But teaching was not something that was foreign to him. He raised and taught Ciri after all. Now however, he wouldn't be dealing with his loving child. He would be dealing with young students. Most eager to learn and some probably eager to cause trouble. He'd like to see them try with him in charge.

Yennefer had her reservations about his new profession. As long as she's known him, he has been a very quite man. Now he would be talking for extended periods of time to a large group of people. Could he truly do it well? She never doubted his abilities though. The man could do just about anything he set his mind too. But her other reservation came from a more insecure place. How would Geralt handle being around all these young and beautiful women? She knew of his past relationship with the medic named Shani. When they first got together, Shani was a student so clearly Geralt had no problem seducing and being with women young enough to have grown up with Ciri. Perhaps she was just being worried for the sake of it. Geralt surely wouldn't risk everything they have made together for a fling with some young lady. Would he?

Yen figured the longer he could keep him away from the University the better. Even if only a few minutes more, she wanted to spend extra time with him. And perhaps make him late for his first day just to embarrass him. She did love embarrassing him so. So when Geralt removed his arm from around her shoulder she woke up instantly and protested.

"Mm Witcher? Where do you think you're going?"

"Yen, did you forget?"

"I don't know....did I?" The sorceress said seductively as she traced along a scar on his abs with her finger.

The Witcher chuckled in his low guttural tone. "Not now, Yen. I can't be late on the first day."

"You're the professor. You can be as late as you want. I'm sure the students won't mind."

"I'm sure they will. " Geralt said. Shutting down the possibility of an early morning love making session. He removed Yen's finger from his abdomen and walked out of the door of their bedroom.

"Damn you, Witcher."

Geralt went through his morning routine like he always did. However usually his morning routine was his afternoon routine. He too, like Yen, enjoyed sleeping until well into the day. The Witcher still hated doublets and fashionable attire. His taste hadn't changed at all in that regard. Even with all his wine drinking. But he was a professional and he wanted to make a good impression on the students. So he sucked it up and dressed like he was meeting the emperor. Fancy doublet and trousers. Yen would be proud. He knew if he went back into their bedroom to show her he was risking a lot. Risking getting yelled at for rejecting her advances. Risking getting seduced. He had avoided it once but even he couldn't believe that. Rejecting Yen's advances twice in one day. Now that was unheard of. But he wanted to risk it. He loved making her proud and dressing up always made her proud of him.

Geralt opened up the door and stepped back into the room. Yen was laying in bed still wearing her gorgeous and sexy silk nightgown. She was engrossed in a novel and didn't notice that he had came back in until his voice took her from her realm.

"What do you think?" the Witcher asked.

"Oh lovely outfit. You look...dashing."

"Thank you. I'm glad you like it."

"Did you come in her just to show off or can I touch?" There it was again. The sorceresses seduction. He had a feeling she would try again. Would he give in this time?

"Yen...not this again."

"I don't know what you're talking about." As she said that the right strap of her nightgown fell from her shoulder, revealing the topside of her shapely and pale breast.

Geralt knowing what she was trying to do quickly turned around and tried exiting the room. The door was locked shut.

"What? The big bad Witcher can't even open a door?" Now she was just teasing him.

"What did you do it."

"Just a simple spell. The spell can be lifted however. But when that is will be up to you."

Geralt knew he had no choice now. He leaned over her and grabbed her face. A hand on each cheek and pulled her face to his for a passionate kiss. She laid back down pulling him down with her. Her hands traveled south to the buckle of the belt that held up his trousers. She unbuckled it as their tongues and lips danced and battled each other. Once free the trousers fell down, taking his boxers with them and revealing his stiff and well endowed package. The Witcher removed his hands from her face and unbuckled his doublet, quickly removing it as well. With the proper attire removed Geralt leaned back ending their kiss much to the dismay of the sorceress. Her dismay would not last long though. Geralt grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body closer to his and placed her where he wanted her on the bed. He grabbed her legs and threw them up onto his shoulders. Her feet on either side of the Witcher's head. He pushed her legs forward, folding her body until their faces were close and her feet could reach her shoulders or his. She loved when he took control like this. He wasn't wasting any time. He didn't have any to waste. He positioned his member at her entrance and inserted himself into her. A loud moan came from her mouth and she threw her head back in passion. Geralt took the opportunity to attack her neck. His lips went to work. Kissing her neck passionately and occasionally nipping and sucking at it. Her moans grew louder until they turned into screams. All this while his lower body and hips thrust in and out of her. His cock reached parts of her that she didn't know existed. How did he do this to her? Yen of course knew that he had tons of sexual experience but she still could not believe how could he was in bed. No wonder almost all of her colleagues wanted to bed him as well. Geralt wasn't stopping. His cock stretched her insides to the limits. Geralt could tell that she was close as her screams continued to get louder and louder. And then it happened, her tight walls contracted as she came hard. His cock was trapped inside of her, she was so tight. Geralt followed behind cumming inside of her. She loved the warm feeling left inside of her from the Witcher. Geralt's pace slowed until it came to a stop and he pulled out of her, collapsing onto the bed next to her. He peered out the window, the sun was still low in the sky. Perhaps he wouldn't be late after all.

"Don't you have someplace to be?" The sorceress asked after a few minutes of laying next to him.

Geralt leaned over and placed another kiss on her lips. "I love you, Yen."

"Mm I love you too, Geralt. Now get going. Your students await." Geralt got up, wiped himself of the light layer of sweat that covered parts of his body and got dressed again. The spell had been lifted so he left the bedroom, the home, and proceeded to the stables. Roach would be getting a nice workout today. He would certainly need to hurry to work after that.

Yennefer smiled and giggled to herself while still laying in bed. She was all too proud of herself. "That should remind him to stay away from those young ladies." She said to herself happily.
Late For Work
Geralt is a now retired Witcher. He has just accepted a job to become a professor at Beauclair University teaching students about the history of the Continent. But Yen doesn't want him to leave too early...

NSFW: Contains smut between Geralt and Yennefer.
Posted first on ArchiveOfOurOwn

Inspired by: @ask-the-witcher on Tumblr. Check out her amazing artwork!
If you enjoyed or have any constructive criticism, please leave a comment. I love getting feedback.


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